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If you love growing plants like Colin or want to be on trend with the latest plant fashions on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook then a plant or two is a must inside or outside the house, or even at your local restaurant or shops!

This new trend of growing plants is also beneficial for our own health and wellbeing, with studies showing the reduction of air pollutants where plants are grown. Plus, improved physical and mental health for those who surround themselves with greenery.

With high house prices throughout Australia, units, apartments and rentals have become more commonplace. And as a consequence, many people don’t have much space or room for a garden. But many people still like to grow plants and there is a simple solution, just grow some in pots!

You can use both lightweight and heavier pots in a range of plastic, ceramic or earthenware options to suit almost any garden design style or home.

Colin is going to create a couple of colourful pots full of spring flowers that would look wonderful on any patio or balcony. In the first pot Colin is going to plant this delightful Princess Lavender and Osteospermum ‘Purple Sun’ with a trailing Pelargonium and Helichrysum.

If you want your plants to look as good as these grown at the nursery, you need to use an Australian Standard premium potting mix with the white ticks on a red background. It may be more expensive than the cheap potting mixes initially, but this bag of Osmocote Professional Premium Potting Mix contains quality ingredients to save you both water and money in the long term, by growing stronger and healthier plants. And those cheap potting mixes are the most common reason for plant failure, so you really do get what you pay for.

Check the soil level to ensure that the plants will finish just below the rim of the pot. Remove them from their original container; place them in the pot and then backfill around them with more mix. This professional quality mix contains Osmocote controlled release fertiliser and growth stimulants to feed your plants for 4 months and a wetting agent that allows water to effectively soak into the mix, preventing it from drying out.

In this second pot Colin is going to plant some gorgeous natives including Kangaroo paws, flame pea, fan flower and cushion bush. Colin is using a specially formulated free draining mix for Australian natives like Grevilleas and Banksias and other phosphorus sensitive plants that will continue to feed your plants for up to 6 months. The added Calcium will encourage stronger plants and the boosted levels of Iron will provide deep green healthy foliage. The wetting agent and additional water crystals will provide water for your plants when they need it the most.

For perfect professional plants like these always use an Osmocote Professional Premium Potting Mix next time your plants need potting up. And there is one for every plant in your home or garden. Osmocote Professional Premium Potting Mixes are available at Bunnings stores and you can find out more at

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