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One of the biggest trends at the moment is indoor plants. They make wonderful gifts with surprising benefits for your health. So Colin is going to show you the best way to grow them at home.

Indoor plants add that personal touch to your home and are easily moved, so are perfect for people of all ages and stages of life especially if you have downsized or live in an apartment.

Studies have suggested that some common indoor plants may reduce levels of indoor air pollution in homes and offices by absorbing potentially harmful gases emitted by home furnishings, fittings and building structures. Some of the best plants to help reduce these toxins are the lady palm, Dracaena, Philodendron, Boston fern, rubber plant, spider plant, Ficus and peace lily.

Colin’s pick of the best plants for low light include Devil’s ivy, Dumb cane, ZZ plant, Chinese evergreen, Parlour palm, Syngonium, Heartleaf Philodendron, and Cast Iron plant. Or for growing in brighter areas choose the Swiss cheese plant, Moth Orchid, Spider plant, Ficus, Peace lily, epiphytic cacti and Anthurium.

If you want your plants to look after you, you need to look after them and the perfect mix for potting indoor plants is this Scotts Professional Premium Plus Potting Mix. Colin is going to use it to pot up this peace lily into a self watering pot and a range of other indoor plants into a variety of different sized pots and hanging baskets.

Osmocote Professional Premium Plus potting mix has been formulated to help grow your indoor plants to perfection. It contains 6 months supply of Osmocote controlled release fertiliser, growth stimulants to feed your plants and wetting agents, coir and water crystals to easily absorb and hold moisture.

Colin loves to create a mixed indoor pot with a taller plant at the back and a trailer and colourful or seasonal plant at the bottom for show. Always give the pot a tap to settle the mix and then a good watering. It shouldn’t need watering again for at least a week and then you could end up with some dramatic displays like Colin’s.

Another hot trend is cacti and succulents that come in an amazing selection of shapes, colours and sizes and you easily can grow these inside or outside as long as you get the conditions just right. That means a free draining mix to avoid root rot, a wetting agent to allow water to soak in, and controlled levels of nutrients to feed them slowly.

Colin is using a mixture of different cacti and succulents to provide height, texture and form in this shallow bowl and old strawberry planter. After potting, water it in and then add some decorative gravel to the top of the pot for the finishing touch.

Once you start collecting indoor plants, cacti and succulents be warned it’s hard to stop, but it is easy to get it right with Osmocote Professional Potting Mixes. And it may even benefit your health too. Scotts Professional Premium Plus and Cacti and Succulent Potting Mixes are available at Bunnings Warehouse stores and you can find out more at

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