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Knowing whether the chemicals and additives that you are using on your plants and food are safe for both you and the environment can be a concern.  So, more Australians are now looking for more natural and sustainable products when gardening at home.

So, today Colin is going to show you a 100% natural and sustainable way to grow and feed your whole garden. Scotts Performance Naturals will deliver the results you expect with the natural and safe organic ingredients that you want.

To take good care of all your Citrus and fruit trees simply apply Scotts Performance Naturals Citrus and Fruit Organic Based Fertiliser with extra Magnesium, to stimulate healthy leaf growth and improve flowering and fruiting.  For established plants, sprinkle it evenly onto soil around the dripline and then lightly work it in.

To encourage healthy plants, you also need to feed and improve the soil, and Performance Naturals has the answer in the bag.  The low odour formula improves the soil structure, drainage and water holding capacity as well as feeding your plants and the beneficial microorganisms and earthworms, all at the same time.

Whenever Colin is preparing new or existing garden beds, he likes to mix in some Performance Naturals Organic Based Soil Improver just before planting.

You can also use it as a mulch around your established plants like the rhubarb and herbs in the garden here.

Colin is planting some lettuce and spinach in these raised vegie garden beds and adding some extra Scotts Performance Naturals Tomato, Vegetable and Herb Organic Based Fertiliser with boosted Calcium to encourage healthy and nutritious growth.

Performance Naturals contains NatureN which is a unique, fast-acting natural source of nitrogen to promote rapid growth, plus blood & bone, seaweed, bio-stimulants, chicken manure and feather meal to feed your plants for up to three months.  If you want your plants to be twice as big with 100% natural ingredients apply this premium organic plant food every 3 months from early spring through to late summer and early autumn.  Then just water it in after application for amazing results.

Scotts Performance Naturals All Purpose Organic Based Fertiliser is suitable for all the plants in your garden including trees, shrubs, roses, annuals, perennials, fruit, edibles and natives.  So, to do your bit for the environment and your garden at home try Scotts Performance Naturals, the 100% natural choice that really works.  Plus, the packaging is made from 50% recycled plastic, and can be completely recycled through REDcycle.

Scotts Performance Naturals are available at Bunnings stores throughout Australia, and you can find out more at

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