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When you go shopping for a lawn fertilizer in any big hardware store it can be quite confusing or even daunting with the vast array of available products to choose from. So let’s take a closer look with Colin. If these three 10kg bags are priced between $20 and $30 and this 4kg at $33, which one would you choose?

Many consumers will simply purchase the biggest bag at the cheapest price, but are they really getting true value for money? When shopping for food it is highly likely that most consumers will check out the salt, sugar and fat content of the items that they buy. But what do they need to look for when buying a fertilizer for their lawn?
Well all the information is on the bag or container they just need to know what they are looking for.

The important information to look for on the bag or container is the analysis showing the NPK. These stand for the major elements of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. Lawns require a fertiliser that is high in Nitrogen as it is used in all the parts that are actively growing such as young leaves and root tips. Phosphorous or P is essential for photosynthesis and cell division in the plants stems and roots. This should be applied every spring and autumn to encourage strong growth. Potassium or K aids water movement within plant cells and thickens the cell walls to help protect lawns from disease and increases overall health.

These large 10kg fertiliser bags only contain between 12-14% Nitrogen compared to 28% in this Scotts Lawn Builder bag, so you are getting double the amount of Nitrogen. Plus the 4kg bag will cover around 250m2, a similar area to the larger bags, which means you already need to double the price of the 10kg bag.

Scotts Lawn Builder Buffalo is an environmentally friendly slow release fertiliser that contains Scotts patented timed-release Nitrogen and all the nutrients required to feed your lawn for up to 3 months. The other large fertiliser bags release nutrients quickly which can result in soft surge growth and need to be reapplied every 6 weeks. Again that means you need to double the price of the larger bag to get the same longevity as a bag of Lawn Builder.

To get an accurate comparison you need to multiply the price of the larger 10kg bag prices by at least four times which takes them to between $80 and $120 each meaning that they are far more expensive than the smaller 4kg bag of Lawn Builder!
Remember with Lawn Builder you need to apply a lot less than conventional lawn fertilisers, so the quick and easy way to spread is to use a Scotts Spreader. Just check out the spreader settings on the bag to easily apply the fertiliser at the correct rate.

If your lawn needs a quick green up or a boost after the colder months the hose-on will go to work straight away on your lawn. The child and pet friendly formulation is suitable for all lawns and it is also safe for the environment, as it contains no Phosphorous.

So next time you are shopping for a bargain in store, remember to take a moment to stop and compare the analysis not just the price and bag size. Scotts Lawn Builder Buffalo is available at Bunnings stores across WA and you can find out more at

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