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Lawn builder + Wetting Agent – Extreme Green

Your lawn may not be looking its best due to the cool winter weather or it could have been damaged after a family backyard barbeque or party. It may possibly be your pets daily exercise regime that is causing you problems. So if your grass is pale or off colour with bare or worn patches in some areas, it means that your lawn needs a bit of TLC. So Colin is going to show you how to get it back in top condition just in time for summer.

All over the country Aussies love their lawn, whether it’s for playing cricket or footy, for the kids to ride their bikes or run around on, or even to just relax and read a book.
Lawns help the environment by lowering the temperature of the surrounding area by reducing heat, erosion, water run-off, air and noise pollution and they can absorb as much carbon dioxide as trees. So it makes sense to look after your lawn.

The first step is to ensure that you feed your lawn to encourage strong healthy growth. Given our climate it also makes a lot of sense to apply a wetting agent so that you don’t waste a drop of water. The great thing is now you can do it at the same time with Scotts Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent.

Scotts Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent can be used on all types of lawn to encourage a deeper root system and to reduce water-run-off. Your lawn will need less water and become more tolerant of drought conditions.

Scotts Lawn Builder is a set and forget solution. A sustainable slow release fertiliser with added professional grade wetting agent that helps water penetrate deep into the soil further increasing the uptake of nutrients. Plus Scotts Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent is safe for the kids and the family pets. For best results apply three times per year in early spring, early summer and autumn.

Unlike other granular lawn products Scotts patented timed-release nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and iron is formulated to release a superior rate of nutrients just as your lawn needs them for up to 3 months without burning and surge growth, which means less mowing and a stronger lawn. Also if you’re experiencing water restrictions in your area, you don’t even need to water it in. Scotts Lawn Builder + Wetting agent is safe on your lawn until the next rain or watering.

If you like your lawn green but don’t have time to wait or you have friends coming over next weekend to visit, don’t worry. Use Scotts Lawn Builder Extreme Green, with extra iron, which will make your lawn a lush deep green in just 3 days time.

Lawn Builder Extreme Green has twice the amount of Nitrogen compared to most of the other lawn brands so you are getting far more value for your money. And the 4kg bag covers up to 250 square metres or an average lawn three times. If your lawn is bordered by paving or garden beds the exact application of the EvenGreen Drop Spreader is perfect to avoid overthrow and control exactly where the fertiliser is applied.

So next time your lawn is a little off colour and you are too, Scotts Lawn Builder have your solution to quickly and sustainably green up your lawn and save water for up to 3 months. Scotts Lawn Builder +Wetting Agent and Extreme Green are available at Bunnings stores and you can find out more at

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