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This large lawn is looking a little tired and sad…. Maybe it looks a little like yours at home with poor growth, bare patches and uneven levels caused by cars, kids and a lack of water or drought?

So, to help improve it, Colin is going to give it some special TLC, to rejuvenate and kick-start the lawn into spring growth, build resilience for the hot summer months ahead and to help keep it looking green long into winter.

The first step is to rake out and remove any dead grass or thatch to allow water to penetrate into the existing soil. Areas compacted from foot traffic, cars or wear and tear should also be aerated or cored with a garden fork or hollow tine aerator.

Now for the easy bit, all you need to do is just spread some Lawn Builder Topdress and Underlay Mix all over your lawn in Spring or Autumn and let it do the rest of the work for you. Lawn Builder is an organic lawn soil with added slow release fertiliser that has been designed by horticultural experts for topdressing existing lawns or for mixing into the soil when preparing them for sowing seeds or laying turf.

Next, level the area with a rake or large broom to work the mix down into the lower stems of the grass. Minor hollows or depressions in the turf can be easily levelled out this way. This unique Topdress mix includes composted organic matter rich in humus to improve the overall structure, water and nutrient holding capacity of the soil. This provides the best possible environment to grow healthier and greener grass no matter what type of lawn you have.

The Lawn Builder mix also contains patented timed-release nutrients to feed your lawn continuously for three months without any wastage. Plus, the quick release iron will rapidly green up your lawn. When you have finished levelling, wash it in with a hose to activate the included wetting agent, ensuring that the lawn is adequately moist right down to the roots.

If you have just one or two bare spots or a very patchy lawn and you want to thicken up your grass, then this Lawn Builder mix is the ideal preparation or underlay before over seeding or returfing those areas. First rake over the area to loosen the soil and then apply a 1cm layer of Lawn Builder Topdress Mix and Underlay over the bare patch and spread evenly.

Gently work the underlay mix into the top 2.5cm of the soil with a fork or rake and then level off the area. Evenly spread the premium lawn seed over the bare patches and then gently rake the seed into the improved soil underlay. Finally water the seed in to activate the wetting agent and remember to water the patches often to keep the seed bed moist for good germination and growth.

So, if you want the ideal organic solution for an all year-round beautiful lawn, choose Lawn Builder Organic Lawn Soil + the naturally smarter way to look after your lawn.

Scotts Lawn Builder Topdress Mix and Underlay is available at Bunnings stores and you can find out more at

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