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After the cold winter months your lawn may be looking a little off-colour, but the weeds are still growing strongly and If you don’t do something soon the weeds may begin to take over the whole lawn. Troublesome and prickly weeds like Bindii are best controlled now while they are still soft and small, and before they go to seed. Your feet and pets will thank you for it later!

So how do you get your lawn to look as good as the professionals? Now with Scotts Lawn Builder + Weedkill you can do it easily. Combining the proven benefits of Scotts patented slow release granular fertiliser to feed your lawn for up to three months, with a herbicide for the control of most common broadleaf weeds.

Apply Scotts Lawn Builder + Weedkill in late winter, spring or autumn and never apply in the hottest summer months. Within weeks you can have a weed-free and deep uniform green lawn without the need for extra mowing. It works well because the slow release fertiliser releases nutrients at about the same rate that the grass roots can take up the fertiliser so there is no wastage, run-off to waterways or soft surge growth, which can make your lawn prone to pest and disease attack.

The triple action weedkiller in Scotts Lawn Builder + Weedkill will control 16 common weeds including Bindii, clover, creeping oxalis and flatweed, But DON’T use it on buffalo or Santa Anna grass. Apply at the recommended rate to moist foliage either in the morning after dew or recent rain, or you can wet the lawn area prior to treatment. After application, wait at least 24 hours before watering in thoroughly and always wear gloves and follow the safety directions on the bag.

One 4kg bag of concentrated Lawn Builder + Weedkill will cover a huge 250 square metres or an average lawn at least three times so it will save you both money and time.

The Scotts Handy Green Spreader takes the guesswork out of how much to apply as each bag has spreader settings to guide you so that you can easily apply the fertiliser or weedkiller at the correct application rate. To prevent fertiliser and weedkiller overthrow onto plants or into garden beds, the precision application of the Scotts EvenGreen Drop Spreader is perfect. Remember to always sweep off overthrow from paths and driveways after application.

Scotts Lawn Builder + Weedkill is the most effective product on the market to take care of the weeds in your lawn. But remember to wait for at least 48 hours after application before mowing your lawn. Some weeds will take at least three weeks before showing the full effects of the herbicide and you will need to wait for around ten weeks before re-applying to kill tough weeds.

So for the best lawn on the street apply Scotts Lawn Builder + Weedkill or Scotts Lawn Builder Weed, Feed & Green Up hose-on and in just a few weeks, you too can have a healthy lush green, weed-free lawn just like the professionals but without the extra mowing!

Scotts Lawn Builder + Weedkill is available at Bunnings stores across WA and you can find out more at

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