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In Australia we live on one of the driest continents in the world and that means that we need to make use of every last drop of water. But for many of us, most of the water that our gardens receive from rain or irrigation is wasted and runs off the surface of the soil and down the road.

These water repellent soils can be the reason that your plants and garden are still dry even after watering and why your plants aren’t coping in the warmer weather.
A simple test is to scratch beneath the soil surface and see if the soil is still dry after rainfall or watering. And if it is then the water isn’t absorbing down into the root zone of the plants causing moisture stress.

Compaction from cars or foot traffic, organic matter and dried out potting mixes as well as oily or waxy leaves can be the cause of this water repellence problem, so what can be done about it? By applying Everydrop Premium Granular Soil Wetter to your garden you can make the most of every drop of available water. And it’s safe to use all around the garden including pots, lawns and garden beds.

Everydrop starts working immediately and lasts for up to 6 months. It boosts water absorption by 50% increasing the water holding capacity and wettability of hydrophobic or water repellent soils. This reduces run-off and gets water deep into dry soils. Just sprinkle the natural biodegradable coir based granules, which are impregnated with Everydrop evenly over the soil, potting mix or lawn. They are great value as one 2.5l bucket covers 50m2 and the 25L bag covers a huge 500m2. Remember to always water them in thoroughly to activate the wetting agent.

Everydrop is also available in liquid form in both a 1 litre concentrate and easy to use hose-on spray. The concentrate is ideal for pots and difficult to reach areas and one bottle can make up to 300 litres. For larger areas the 1litre hose-on easy sprayer is ideal. Covering up to 150 square metres, with a new precision on-off control so that there are no drips or mess.

It gets to work immediately allowing water and nutrients to soak down deep into the root zone where plants need them most, so that your watering, rainfall and liquid feeding are far more effective, saving you both water and time as well as your precious plants.

For new plantings or pots and hanging baskets the safe and acrylamide free Everydrop water storing crystals will reduce the amount of watering needed by holding up to 100 times their own weight in water and releasing it as the plants need it.

Apply Everydrop Premium Soil Wetter twice a year just like the leading professional growers to maximise the saving of water in your garden and make every drop of water count, so it doesn’t end up on the road verge or in the waterways.

The Scotts Everydrop premium range of soil wetters and water storing crystals are available at Bunnings stores across WA and you can find out more at

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