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As the hot summer weather really begins to set in, there is one thing that every gardener or garden owner should be doing right now, before they do anything else.

Most people may be thinking that it is watering or applying fertiliser that they should be doing, and they are all beneficial things to be doing to your garden.

But the best and most efficient way to make your garden much healthier and much more waterwise is to apply a quality wetting agent right now, to make every drop of water that you apply count.

Even in this gorgeous garden in Canning Vale there are always a few problems patches on the lawn or pots that dry out too quickly, so let’s see how Colin can help fix them. Many garden soils and potting mixes can quickly start to repel water or become hydrophobic and still remain dry underneath after watering. Causes include compaction from people and cars, drying out or the build-up of oils from waxy leaved plants.

The simple answer to this problem is to just sprinkle these easy to apply Everydrop natural biodegradable coir-based granules over the surface of the lawn, soil or potting mix. The Everydrop granules instantly increase the absorption of water into the soil and potting mix by 50% and lasts for up to 6 months. This means less run-off and much more water deep into dry water repellent soils and potting mixes. Always remember to always water them in thoroughly afterwards to fully activate the wetting agent.

For those people who prefer using a liquid wetting agent, then the 1 litre Everydrop hose-on Easy Sprayer with precision on-off control is ideal for watering larger areas up to 150 square metres. It is also easy to use on individual pots and containers. When applying liquids, the early morning or evening is best, and always wash them off the foliage of plants and lawns to avoid the possibility of burning during warmer weather. Just flick the switch to water to on the Easy Sprayer and wash it in.

Colin likes to use the 1 litre Everydrop liquid concentrate for pots, hanging baskets and those difficult to reach garden areas. One bottle of concentrate will make up to 300 litres.

When planting up pots or hanging baskets add one teaspoon of dry Everydrop water storing crystals to 5L of potting mix and then blend it thoroughly before potting it up.
The safe acrylamide free crystals will reduce the amount of watering required by holding up to 100 times their own weight in water, and then releasing it just as the plants need it.

Remember if you want your garden to look its best in drought or hot summer conditions, do the one thing that will make a difference to your garden, your plants and your water bill. Simply apply Everydrop Premium Soil Wetter to make the most of every drop of available water.

The Everydrop premium range of soil wetters are available at Bunnings stores and you can find out more at

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