Scott’s Australia – Boost & Feed

With the warmer weather and the spring flush of new growth, many plants in the garden are using up their reserves of nutrients from within the soil and the plant itself. So now is the ideal time to give them both a boost and a feed at the same time to encourage strong healthy growth throughout summer ahead.

Colin visited the colourful small garden ‘Friend’s Garden’ in Willetton, which has a diverse range of both native and exotic plantings along with vegies, herbs, potted plants, trees and shrubs. Each of these different plant groups also has their own specific fertilising requirements, so Scotts the makers of the trusted Osmocote brand of controlled release fertilisers used throughout the nursery, garden and landscape industries has developed a new liquid fertilizer to take care of them all.

The new Osmocote ‘Boost and Feed’ range of liquid fertilisers has been specially formulated to provide a faster way to get beautiful and healthier plants in your garden. These easy to use unique liquid fertilisers have been carefully balanced to provide plants with all the essential nutrients for optimum growth and plant health.
It works with a double action by feeding through both the roots and the leaves, so that your plants absorb nutrients within minutes providing an instant boost to growth.
It’s also boosted with bio stimulants that activate soil microorganisms, condition the soil and enhance the uptake of nutrients.

In the front garden where there are both natives and exotics, Colin is using Boost and Feed for ‘All Outdoor Plants including Natives’ as it has a low phosphorous content so that it can be safely used on all of the plants in the garden. Boost and Feed has been designed to provide the optimum levels of the major elements Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium along with a balanced range of trace elements to suit the individual fertiliser requirements of each plant group.

Boost and Feed can be easily applied with the new Scotts easy sprayer so that there are no more drips or mess. Just connect hose to the easy sprayer in the off position and turn on the tap. All you need to do is flick the switch to the on position and away you go! The precision on-off control means it is perfect for watering both gardens and individual pots or containers.

For fruit, shrubs and larger trees use the hose-on Boost and Feed for ‘Citrus and Fruit Plus Trees and Shrubs’ with extra Nitrogen, Iron and Magnesium for greener and healthier foliage and tastier fruit.

Use Boost and Feed for ’Vegetables, Tomatoes and Herbs’ every two weeks throughout the growing season to take care of all your tomatoes and vegies in your veggie patch. The additional Calcium will also help to control and prevent blossom end rot on your tomatoes.

For roses and acid loving plants use the specially formulated Boost and Feed for ’Roses, Gardenias, Azaleas and Camellias’ with the perfect balance of potassium to enhance flowering and increased iron for lush green foliage and healthy growth.

Remember to give your plants a health kick this spring and summer with the new range of Osmocote ‘Boost and Feed’ liquid fertilisers from Scotts. Scotts Osmocote Boost and Feed is available at Bunnings stores and you can find out more at