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With many of us spending some more time at home recently, you may have tried growing some veggies. But for those people who live in a unit or apartment, they may not have even have a garden, never mind space for a veggie garden.
Well think again, as Colin has the ideal solution to ‘grow your own’ in any outdoor space, no matter how big or small.

This new Richgro Grow Bag will fit snuggly on any patio, balcony or spare space that you have outside. The premium mix is just perfect for planting up a summer feast of fruit and vegies at your place. Place the grow bag in a sunny or a partially shaded spot in warmer areas, like this spot here on the patio. Alternatively, you can place it on any level surface in your garden at home where it will fit.

You can place some newspaper underneath it to soak up any excess water, but Colin prefers to use a tray like this underbed storage tray, or a pot tray. This allows it to hold a reservoir of water underneath it during warmer weather. Plus, it’s much easier to move around.

Give the bag a gentle shake to aerate the mix and spread the contents uniformly throughout the bag. This avoids any air pockets and ensures that the plant roots grow evenly throughout the whole bag. Next poke some holes in the bottom of the bag to allow for adequate drainage and to avoid waterlogged roots. As the plant grows inside the bag it will require regular watering, but this allows excess water to drain and not saturate the mix and the roots.

Cut holes in the bag using a knife or pair of scissors following the markings on the bag. I’m planting some larger tomatoes, so I’m only using 2 holes to allow for increased root development. Dig out a little of the mix and then plant the tomatoes slightly deeper than their original pot level to encourage them to root from their stems making the plants much stronger. Gently firm, and then water them in.

For smaller plants like these chillies, capsicum and lettuce cut three or more holes in the top of the bag, and plant them much closer together. This premium Australian Standard planting mix contains nutrients to feed your plants for up to 2 months, and seaweed to enhance your plants resistance to pests, diseases and drought. Plus, it can also be used for planting up other pots and raised gardens.

After 2 months, to keep your plants growing well remember to apply Richgro Black Marvel Tomato and Vegetable Food every 1-2 weeks throughout the growing season. This high potash fertilizer is quickly absorbed through the leaves and roots to produce bigger tastier fruit, and healthier plants. The balanced Nitrogen content helps to promotes lush leaves and foliage, while the fast-acting iron encourages deep green leaves.

So, if you don’t have a lot of space at home but would love to grow your own tasty fruit and veggies, Richgro has got it covered. All you have to do is grab their new Grow Bag and just plant your seeds, seedlings or small plants straight in the bag. Richgro Grow Bags are available at Bunnings stores throughout Australia and if you want to find out more go to

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