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With summer just around the corner you may be thinking what is the best way to get your garden into shape? It won’t be long before you will be enjoying barbeques, parties or just relaxing in your garden at home, so now is the time to get cracking on your garden!

Spring in the garden means there are lots of things to do. The first thing is to remove any weeds or old vegies, deadhead your roses and trim any overgrown plants like these Citrus and herbs.

Now is the ideal time to fertilise your whole garden, but before you do, you must apply a wetting agent so that you don’t waste a drop of water, rainfall or the fertiliser that you are going to apply. Many people make the mistake of applying the fertiliser first, which can result in most of it being washed away with dry, sandy or water repellent soils. So use a wetting agent on all your garden and potted plants, but remember to always water it in well to activate it.

On lawn areas the new Ezi-Wet hose-on with on-off control makes it effortless to take care of your lawn without wasting any water.

Spring is the time to get in your summer fruit, herbs and vegies, so Colin is going to give this vegetable bed a bit of a makeover and plant some tomatoes, capsicum and basil. Every time that you changeover your crops try to incorporate some manure or compost to improve the soil. Colin also likes to mix in some handfuls of Bentonite Natural Sand to Soil at the same time to further improve the structure and water holding capacity of sandy soils.

Colin’s tip is to remove the lower leaves and plant your tomatoes deeper in the soil to encourage a stronger root system, reduce wind rock and resist wilt. Add some basil and capsicum around the base for a family feast.

Apply natural organic blood and bone fertiliser over the soil surface to boost plant growth and further improve the soil. Plus it can be used on all your flowers, fruit and vegies in the garden. Finish off with an organic mulch of compost or manure to feed the soil and plants. Colin likes to add a little more wetting agent on the surface of the mulch to ensure that it readily absorbs water and it doesn’t run off. And before you know it you will be enjoying fresh summer salads.

Your roses may be looking spectacular at the moment, but as soon as they are finished remove any spent flowers and then give them a feed with Black Marvel Premium Rose Food and they will be blooming beautiful again for the New Year.

Citrus respond well to a light trim to keep them compact and bushy, and then a feed with Black Marvel Premium Citrus Food will help to produce juicy and bountiful fruit for your fruit bowl, cooking or as a garnish for your favourite drink.

Just a few simple techniques can have your garden looking fantastic and tasting terrific for summer, all you have to do is let Richgro take care of it for you. You can find Richgro fertilisers, soil improvers and wetting agents at Bunnings Warehouse stores and if you want find out more go to

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