Richgro – Black Marvel for Roses & Citrus

As always, the 2017 Melbourne Cup, the race that stops a nation takes place on the first Tuesday in November. But it won’t just be the fillies that get admiring glances during the racing carnival, many racegoers and television viewers will be casting an admiring glance at the beautiful and colourful roses on display throughout the Flemington racecourse.

So what is the best way to get prize winning roses in your garden at home, let’s take a look at this beautiful garden, Craigmile in Canning Vale and find out how you can do it.

The key to get your roses off and running is to use a fertiliser specifically designed to provide all the essential nutrients and trace elements that your roses need to thrive all year round. Richgro Black Marvel Premium Rose Food is more than just your average fertiliser. This premium high analysis rose booster is guaranteed to deliver blooming great results for up to two months.

Black Marvel contains high levels of Potash for colourful and healthy long lasting blooms and improved disease resistance, plus trace elements and high levels of iron for deep green foliage, strong roots and healthy growth. For established roses, all you need is a small handful per plant every four to eight weeks from two weeks after pruning until the start of winter. Plus a 5kg bag will feed up to 150 roses.

For new roses in the garden apply around 10 grams per plant and for miniature roses, or roses in pots use only 15 grams per plant due to the restricted volume of soil. Richgro Black Marvel Premium Rose Food can be used for all the other flowering plants in your garden too.

Always water Black Marvel Premium Rose Food in well after application to activate the included wetting agent. This allows the fertiliser to work quickly, reduces surface run-off and improves the wettability of the soil.

Black Marvel isn’t just for roses, Richgro have developed a new ‘Premium Fruit and Citrus Food’ that’s perfect for all the fruit trees in your garden.

First remove or rake back any mulch around the tree and then always try to keep the fertilizer away from the trunk of the tree. Then spread a handful per square metre around the drip line of your fruit trees in spring, mid summer and again in autumn for a delicious and bountiful harvest.

The high potash levels in Black Marvel are perfect for heavy feeders like Citrus to ensure lots of top quality and tasty fruit. And the high Nitrogen and Iron levels will help to produce lush healthy green foliage all year round.

For stone fruit including apples, pears, peaches, plums, nectarines and apricots apply a handful around the tree at bud burst in spring and again as the fruit begins to ripen in summer. After fertilising water Black Marvel in well and then replace any mulch back around the tree, keeping it away from the plant stem or trunk.

For marvellous roses, flowers, citrus and fruit trees get a gallop on and apply a handful of Richgro Black Marvel per square metre to your plants at home and you too may take out first place.

Richgro Black Marvel Premium Rose, Citrus and Fruit Food is available exclusively at Bunnings hardware stores and if you want find out more go to

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