Richgro Bentonite – Natural Sand to Soil – Organic Mushroom Compost

Colin loves this time of year, as the days begin to warm up and the spring flowers are starting to bloom. If you have been tucked up inside during winter, now is the time to get out and about in the garden. So Colin is going to show you a few simple tips and tricks to help your garden prosper.

Spring is the perfect time for planting and a little effort now can make all the difference come summertime, as it’s what’s below the ground that really counts.
Remember if you do it right the first time you will save money in the long term.

While people tend to spend hardly anything on the soil in their garden they will spend lots of money on the plants, irrigation, paving and the structures. But there is a smart investment that can make a permanent difference to your plants, garden and budget. Providing the long-term benefits of reduced water and fertiliser use.

Richgro Bentonite Natural Sand to Soil, a unique formulation which helps to improve the poorly structured sandy soils that are found in many of Australia’s coastal areas turning them into rich garden soils. Natural Sand to Soil contains Bentonite clay and Zeolite to produce quick and long lasting results in poor sandy soils, and when these are combined with organic matter or compost the results are even better.

Richgro Bentonite clay coats the grains of sand attracting humus, organic matter and silt to form aggregates that permanently improve the structure of the soil. So whenever you plant up a new garden bed area apply between 300g of Richgro Bentonite per square metre or up to 4kg for extremely sandy soils. Then add a 2cm layer of mushroom compost, organic fertiliser and dig it in.

The superior water and nutrient holding capacity of the natural Calcium and Magnesium rich Bentonite clay combined with those of the additional Zeolite means that you need to use a lot less than other clays and it’s easier to apply, saving you both time and money.

When planting a single plant, dig a hole and place a handful of Bentonite Sand to Soil in the bottom of the planting hole along with a shovel of compost and mix it in.
Place the plant in the hole and backfill with a 50/50 mixture of the existing soil and the mushroom compost plus another handful of Sand to Soil and fertiliser.

The Zeolite rock minerals provide plants with natural trace elements and also improve the soils ability to absorb and release nutrients back to plants when they require them. The rock minerals also support diverse and healthy populations of bacteria to produce healthy plants and vigorous growth.

For the perfect waterwise solution for your sandy soil wherever you are in Australia mix it up with Richgro Bentonite Natural Sand to Soil. Your plants, soil and garden will be much richer for it.

Richgro Bentonite Natural Sand to Soil and Organic Mushroom Compost are available at leading nurseries and hardware stores and if you want find out more go to

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