Metsel Dry Mortar Silo

You know how they say “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”? Well, take the humble cement mixer. If you’re laying bricks or plastering you need one right? Wrong. Believe it or not there’s a much better way and it’s the magnificent device known as the Metsel Dry Mortar Silo.

Every now and then someone comes up with an idea that blows all the old ways out of the water and in the world of construction right now it’s this.

The Metsel Dry Mortar Silo is brand new technology in Australia and it is going to change the way we store, mix, and use cement.

It’ll make construction times shorter, build quality better, and keep wastage to a minimum by organizing all of the materials and allowing you to dispense only what you need.

The best part is that it’s fully self-contained, ready to go and delivered to your site. All you have to do is add water.

All of the materials go in totally dry, are placed into the top and are measured, mixed and dispensed electronically. They can stay there for months until you need it, then you just hook a hose up, press a few buttons, put a wheelbarrow underneath, and start mortaring.

No more lifting heavy bags of cement and exposure to cement – and no guesswork when it comes to the mix.

Metsel calculates each batch off site with perfect ratios and delivers the full, dry unit wherever you’d like, ready for you to do your thing.

For builders the biggest benefits of the Metsel are the time and cost saving features. The fact that you can quality control everything to a great degree also gives you peace of mind. There’s no MESS, you save on labor costs and materials, pay only for what we use and you get a credit on whatever you don’t.

One Metsel silo can service up to ten bricklayers and can store up to 80 wheelbarrows full of dry material. That means fewer deliveries to site, less wastage and a more efficient use of your workforce. It even cleans itself!

This is the future of bricklaying and rendering, so if you’re a builder or know one then you should definitely take a closer look at how to save yourself some money and hassle by using a Metsel Dry Mortar Silo.

Get all the info on their website – – you’ll be glad you did. Or call on 0448 370 602.

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