Megasealed – Balcony

There’s been a huge increase in the popularity of balconies, with a lot more multi storey living, but as nice as balconies are, they bring issues. Drainage, leaks and mould just for starters.

Established in 1996, MEGASEALED AUSTRALIA are pioneers in balcony solutions. They repair over 18,000 showers and balconies every year, using proven techniques and the highest quality products.

In many instances your problems can be solved without removing your existing tiles. A unique waterproofing membrane called Megabloc is injected in all surfaces where retiling isn’t necessary.

So it’s a good idea to get ahead of trouble. Once you’ve got leaks, costly structural repairs can be just around the corner. Your local MEGASEALED consultant will come out, diagnose your problem and give you a free quote on the spot.
Over time sand or cement grout used on balconies start to break down. Once the grout has deteriorated and it rains, the water can go right through, causing serious problems!

But with MEGASEALED repairs complete, you can be back on your balcony the very next day.