Jim’s Mowing Number 3

Are you are looking for a quick way to make your garden look neat and tidy and control weeds at the same time? Watch and listen in because Colin will show you how.

Summer and autumn temperatures have warmed the soil and good rainfall has encouraged strong plant growth and the dreaded weeds. So I have called in Josh from Jim’s Mowing to help me remove any weeds and then apply a 5cm thick layer of coarse pine bark mulch. Remember to always keep it away from the stem of the plant to avoid collar rot.

The mulch insulates the soil from the cold winter temperatures, suffocates weed seedlings and reduces water run-off and erosion. The blanket of mulch provides warmer soil temperatures to encourage soil microbe activity that help break down organic matter and make soil nutrients more readily available to your plants.

Check out jimsmowing.com.au to find out how Jim’s can help with all the mulching jobs at your commercial or residential property, or go to Homeinwa.com.au to watch this story again.

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