Jim’s Mowing Number 2

If you have any empty spots in the garden or dead plants that need to be replaced, now is the ideal time to do it, or you can get Jim’s Mowing to do it for you.

The warm soils and cool moist weather of Autumn are perfect for getting your plants off to the best possible start without the stress of hot summer temperatures.

When planting remember to always dig in some organic matter and clay to the existing soil to improve its nutrient and water holding capacity. Sprinkle some slow release fertiliser into the bottom of the planting hole and then place the plant in the hole. Check the level of the rootball and then backfill around the plant.

Gently firm the plant in and water in well with a seaweed solution to reduce transplant shock. Both you and your plants can be settled in nicely before the cold winter nights if you let Jim’s Mowing take care of your commercial or residential property.

So if you need it done? Jim’s the one! Go to jimsmowing.com.au for all your garden needs, or you can watch this story again at Homeinwa.com.au

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