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For those people who love cooking and see themselves as a bit of a “Masterchef’ why not also become a master of gardening, it’s easier than you may think. All you need is a vertical garden and your life can be on the up!

Vertical gardens are now easy to set up and maintain with a Holman GreenWall, which incorporates a pre-installed professional irrigation system. So you can transform an ugly drab wall into a beautiful and productive growing space. The GreenWall panels can be easily arranged to create different layouts to suit most indoor or outdoor areas. First level with a spirit level before drilling the holes for the steel bracket, attach the bracket to the wall, then hang the panel on the bracket.

Why not try growing your own vegetables and herbs on the Holman GreenWall to supply all the ingredients to create your own perfect dish. You can be picking and eating fresh food from just outside your door. The removable pot system makes it easy to create your own themed vertical creation to match your cooking style. Colin’s selection is perfect for Asian dishes and includes coriander, mint, basil, Pak choy and other Chinese vegetables and herbs.

Vertical gardens require special potting mixes to provide optimum growing conditions as conventional potting mixes can be too heavy and hold too much or too little water. We are using Richgro Vertical Garden Planting Mix, which has been formulated using the finest available ingredients to boost the growth of our vertical garden.

For a sumptuous summer salad why not try Colin’s selection of assorted lettuce, rocket, parsley, spring onions, basil and even a tumbling tomato! Or for the perfect pizza plant up your pots with thyme, oregano, basil, rocket, mini tomatoes or capsicum.

Place the individual dripper with spikes into the potting mix next to the plant. Then place the drip trays underneath the pots to collect any excess water.

Quick growing annuals or any plants past their best can be easily replaced without taking down the whole panel like conventional vertical gardens. Just lift off the individual pot, replant it and then pop it back on the wall.

For very narrow spaces the new Holman Slim GreenWall makes an ideal addition to your garden. Just position it next to your barbecue or outdoor kitchen for quick and easy access to your vegies and herbs. The pots on the new Slim GreenWall are interchangeable with the GreenWall so you can mix and match the pots between the two as desired.

Both systems are simply connected with a hose from a tap that is just clicked into the side of the panels. With the addition of a battery operated electronic misting tap timer from Holman you can also easily take control of the GreenWalls watering.
So no matter how much space you have around your home and garden, you can always find room for a Holman GreenWall or the new Slim GreenWall and you never know you may even improve your cooking skills.

The Holman GreenWall and the new Slim GreenWall are available from Bunnings and leading garden centres. For more information go to holmanindustries.com.au or to see this again go to homeinwa.com.au.

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