Healthy Glow Personal Training Studio

Keeping ourselves fit and healthy these days becomes harder and harder. With less time to play with we have to make sure that exercise is convenient and time efficient. HEALTHY GLOW PERSONAL TRAINING STUDIO combines convenience and efficiency.

HEALTHY GLOW is ‘not a gym.’ You’re not sharing the space with others, fighting over gym equipment. That means they can deliver your one on one session without interruption and get you results! We take the time to sit with you and discuss your needs and set your goals. The HEALTHY GLOW STAFF are handpicked for their compassion, dedication and professionalism.

Most clients come in for a 30 min session, but arrive 10 min before, to do a warm up. You can choose from One on One Personal Training, Partner Training or Small Group Classes, and they can have you exercising in your own HOME IN WA. The big difference in having one of their Personal Trainers deliver your Personal Training Session, is that the intensity and style of the workout is designed for you. This ensures your safety, and maximises the benefits of your balanced whole body workout.

Reiki is also available at HEALTHY GLOW. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki is a wonderful healing energy that flows through and around your body. This positive energy can benefit body, mind and soul. People usually experience a feeling of rejuvenation, and deep sense of calm. Once you have learned and experienced the techniques, again, you can practice in your own HOME IN WA.

Most people will come and train at HEALTHY GLOW two or three times a week, but because they’re interested in you achieving your goals, HEALTHY GLOW can also provide you with a selection of home workouts.

Having your session time booked and your trainer waiting for you, means that your exercise gets done! HEALTHY GLOW will have you actually ‘enjoying your exercise’. Whether you’ve got 5 or 50 kilos to lose, or you’d just like to tone up and get fitter, they guarantee results!

HEALTHY GLOW can cater for your budget and have you enjoying regular exercise. If you’ve been struggling to find the motivation, check out and book your ‘FREE’ first session.

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