Gardening Christmas Gift Ideas

If you are looking for some great gardening gift ideas for your loved ones this Christmas, why not checkout your local garden centre, nursery or hardware store.

It doesn’t matter if you have a large garden or small courtyard; Colin has some terrific solutions to suit all budgets and individual tastes.

A gift that keeps on giving and is perfect for that person that loves cooking is the Holman Green Wall. It’s a great concept and it comes in a kit form. It’s fully reticulated and is ideal for growing your own vegetables and herbs particularly if you don’t have room to build garden beds, so that you can be picking and eating fresh summer salad from right outside your door

Another terrific way to grow veggies at home if you have a little more room is this – the Holman Modular Raised Garden Bed. Quick and easy to assemble they can be easily connected together to create your own designer garden bed. They come in easily expandable modules with their own irrigation system and are rust and termite resistant.

Why not give a long lasting gift that keeps on giving this Christmas. Potted plants are ideal. You can buy them ready made or easily make up your own by selecting a pot from the hundreds available at your local garden centre. Always select a premium potting mix as part of the gift package.

Richgro can safely take care of your entire pest, disease, fertilising and weed problems around the garden. And you can even control pesky bugs without spraying.

For the perfect garden combination to keep you and your plants stress free over the holidays pick up some Seasol plant tonic and Powerfeed fertiliser. Available as a hose-on or liquid form or in a granular form with added beneficial microbes to feed the soil and aid the uptake of nutrients.

If your lawn needs some TLC and quick results before the relatives come over for Christmas, try applying Scott’s Everydrop Premium Soil Wetter and Scotts Lawn Builder Extreme Green about a week before. Everydrop will make every drop of water count; reducing run-off and increasing water and nutrient uptake and Extreme Green will green up your lawn in three days just in time for Christmas.

Boys love their toys so why not buy him some power gardening tools to make your ‘toy boy’ a cut above the rest. It may even get him doing the garden as well.

Hedge trimmers, whipper snippers, chainsaws and leaf blowers will make his day.

Christmas would not be the same without a red Poinsettia on the table, and now there are even white, pink and speckled varieties. Colin loves blue Hydrangeas and the delicate lace cap varieties too. Plus you can plant them out in the garden after Christmas. Moth orchids or Phalaenopsis will add a touch of elegance to your home and they are easy to care for despite their exotic appearance. You can even buy mini moth orchids to decorate your home.

And don’t forget the kids. The clever Grass Grow kits and easy to use Roll ‘n’ Grow Garden Mats from Mr. Fothergill’s will provide lots of interest and fun and they may even inspire a lifetime of gardening.

Remember if you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones this festive season, your local nursery or garden centre has it covered. So whether it’s watering, growing, mowing, pruning or planting, all you have to do choose which one!

To find the perfect Christmas gardening gift Idea pop into the nearest garden centre, nursery or hardware store.

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