Ford & Doonan – Air Conditioning No2

We spend a lot of time inside the home or office. Poor indoor air quality can be a real issue, especially for those with asthma or allergies. Not to mention everyone else when colds, flu’s, germs and odours are brought in from outside.

While traditional air purifiers are less effective as most are designed for a single room, Ford and Doonan bring you a new era of whole home air purification with the HALO-LED.

The HALO-LED is the industry’s first in-duct air purification system. Simply and conveniently installed out of sight inside your ducted air-conditioner, the HALO-LED uses revolutionary technology to actively purify the air. It reduces airborne and surface contaminants keeping your family or employees safe, whenever the air-conditioner is running, on whatever mode its set to.

Compact in size, the HALO-LED has no dirty or contaminated filters to remove and clean, or any chemical by-products. It works by using LED ultra-violet light with ultra-low energy consumption. As it operates whenever the air-conditioner is switched on, the LED globes wouldn’t normally be running 24/7 so the cells can last for between four to even five years before it needs replacing.

Whilst this new technology has just arrived in Western Australia the HALO-LED has been proven and tested internationally with over 4 million satisfied customers and is now available at Ford and Doonan.

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