Evergreen Garden Care – Australia

Many of us have been spending a little bit more time at home lately, so we’ve come to appreciate what we love about our gardens. Whether it’s been entertaining friends and family with a barbeque at home, or a simple picnic or playing games with the kids in the backyard, and the good old Aussie lawn has come to our rescue.

But what if your lawn needs rescuing from the ugly quick growing weeds that smother or crowd out the existing grass during winter and spring, resulting in a patchy or weak lawn. Well it’s time for you to act right now!

So, where do you start with the multitude of products available to use on the weeds on your lawn at home? You may not even know what type of lawn you have. You could take a sample to your local store for identification, but they may not know either.

Plus, by using the wrong product you could seriously damage or even totally kill off your lawn. And that’s a risk that you shouldn’t have to take. But there is a very simple and safe solution, just use a Scotts Lawn Builder Weed, Feed and Green Up formulation, that clearly indicates Buffalo lawn use on the bottle, and you can’t go wrong.

It contains the selective herbicides Bromoxynil and MCPA so it can be safely used on all other types of lawns as well as Buffalo, including couch, bent, fescue, kikuyu, ryegrass and paspalum, now how easy is that.

This superior and stronger formulation also kills and prevents the dreaded Bindii, the cause of the painful prickles for you and your pets that make walking on the lawn in early summer almost impossible without shoes. Plus, it also controls clover and 12 different types of annoying broadleaf weeds and it is safe to walk on once it is dry, even for the family pets.

It not only kills weeds but also feeds and rapidly greens up your grass as well, providing an all-in-one health treatment for your lawn. This exceptional formulation provides 12% Nitrogen for lush green growth, iron for deep green leaves and 3.5% Potassium to improve your lawns health and resistance to disease. And you won’t find these amounts in comparable weed and feed products.

One Scotts Lawn Builder Weed, Feed and Green Up lightweight bottle will cover your average sized home lawn. The innovative Easy sprayer is so much simpler and safer to use compared to the other heavy weed and feed bottles that are prone to leaking. The easy on-off precision controls ensure effortless spraying, and that there will be no drips, mess or wastage. Plus, there’s no need to kink the hose or turn the sprayer off at the tap to stop spraying.

You can also simply check the content level of the bottle by viewing the quick and convenient side panel. Most weeds will slowly die over 2-3 weeks, although some tough and troublesome weeds like clover may require a repeat application in 3 to 4 weeks’ time.

Remember, if you love your lawn and want an easy solution to weeding, let Scotts Lawn Builder Weed, Feed and Green Up take care of it for you. All you need to do is give it a try. Scotts Lawn Builder Buffalo Weed, Feed and Green Up is available at Bunnings stores throughout Australia and you can find out more at lovethegarden.com.au

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