Bristile Roofing ‘B’

All roof tiles are the same right? Well, apparently not, and once you know your way around roof tiles, you’ll be impressed by the benefits of Bristile ‘clay’ tiles!

Clay tiles are kiln fired at extremely high temperatures to lock in the color, ensuring the tiles will never fade, rust or corrode over time, like other roofing materials. Also, with the cost of heating and cooling an average Australian home continuing to rise, clay tiles can actually help reduce those bills!

Clay actually holds the heat for a few hours so the transfer into roof space is slowed down. The thermal mass of clay tiles makes it a natural insulator, helping to keep the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Finally, clay has superior sound insulation qualities, to reduce unwanted noise from the outside world.

Because terracotta tiles are made from naturally occurring clays, there’s no toxic waste that might find its way back into the environment, and in a drying climate where rainwater tanks are becoming compulsory in many parts of Australia, a clay tiled roof is the natural choice.

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