It’s so awesome to be able to enjoy swimming in your own pool, but what happens when we have a case of the old winter neglect?

Your pool can really suffer if you don’t look after it over winter, so in light of this Poolwerx have decided to help us out by sharing some tips to look after your pool this winter in order to avoid an ugly, and potentially dangerous mess come Spring.

Firstly, test your water regularly. You should test your own water every 2 weeks, and take a sample in to Poolwerx for testing about every 4 weeks They use the latest, most accurate water testing technology that takes only 60 seconds.

Secondly, think about getting a winter algaecide to prevent algae and bacteria growth in those chilly months.

Next reduce your pool pump operation time and switch your timer to off peak tariffs. It’s also a good idea to get a pool cover to reduce running costs.

And finally give Poolwerx a call for a winter maintenance schedule that suits your needs. It really is important to keep your pool healthy, and ensure your pool doesn’t go green this winter.

For more info on winter maintenance for your pool head to poolwerx.com.au.

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