Subaru Osborne Park

Buying a car is a big deal! So how disappointing would it be to sign on the dotted line, grab those new car keys, and then be kicked out of the dealership almost immediately? Totally let down, no support.

Well at Subaru Osborne Park they do things very differently, and we at Home in WA know this because it’s all thanks to them that we have our amazing new crew cars. They know your purchase is a big deal, and when you get those keys the support has only just begun.

Celebrating your new car is just the start at Subaru Osborne Park and the entire team is dedicated to building a long lasting relationship with every single customer, not simply selling vehicles.

Once you actually choose your car they become part of your team and can help you through the post purchase process and make it simple to understand and affordable. They also have loan cars on offer for when yours needs a service, or if you’d like you can relax and wait in the client lounge and have a coffee. It’s all about making you feel comfortable.

At Subaru Osborne Park not only is the sales team friendly and knowledgeable, but the service technicians are thorough and professional so your car will always be in the best hands.

So if you’re looking for a dealership that only gets better after you choose your car, and grab those all-important keys, then come and check out Subaru Osborne Park.

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