Mauravillo Private Estate

It’s been a couple of months since Home in WA last visited the tree-lined Boulevard of Mauravillo Estate. Building) and infrastructure are really

The houses are in various stages of development with a wide range of contractors, from Big City companies, to local contractors and of course, owner builders. There’s no time limit for the houses in the Estate to be built.. so owners can comfortably build at their own pace.

Cinzia spoke to Steven Rushforth, General Manager of Mauravillo Estate to get an update. He explained stage 1 is almost sold out and that Stage 2 is now selling.

Another great feature of Mauravillo is that scheme water will be available on all of the lots. Extremely rare for a Rural Estate.

As you can see so much is happening building wise here and the designs really do vary and as always, being the country lifestyle that it is.. there’s always room for you to keep some sheep.